Resources for Baby Eczema

Resources for Baby Eczema

As you probably have already done your research, you know that there are tons and tons of information about baby eczema on the internet. I've also spent endless hours reading blogs, forums and even research papers on the latest breakthroughs. I've tried countless amount of creams and natural remedies. The wackiest thing I tried was probably making an organic wintermelon mask to put on my baby. While none of the methods ended up curing my baby's eczema, I did learn a lot about what can make eczema worse and how to keep the flareups under control. 

One of the biggest thing I learned was that what works for one baby make not work for another. So I'm not going to give a solution here. Rather, I want to share some of the common questions and best resources I found to answer them. Under the "Helpful Links" section of my website, you will find these resources below updated periodically. If you know a great resource, please share it with me at Good luck!

Can breastfeeding cause eczema? What foods should you avoid?

What do dermatologists/pediatricians recommend for baby eczema?

What moisturizer should I use?

What can be causing my baby's eczema?

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