Five Steps to Treat Baby Eczema

Five Steps to Treat Baby Eczema

1. Do not scratch. Scratching can further irritate the affected area. If itching is unbearable, place wet a towel with cold water and place it onto the itchy area. Cut nails short to discourage scratching and avoid getting an infection. 

2. Bath. When taking baths, use lukewarm water. Do not shock the skin with hot water.Rinse affected areas with cold water. Dab with a cool dry towel.

3. Moisturize regularly. Apply prescription cream (if necessary) and then moisturizer immediately after washing. For areas that are prone to flare ups, apply another layer of vaseline on top to lock in the moisturizer and to protect the skin if scratching occurs.

4. Manage diet. Breastfeeding mothers and the babies should avoid:
a. fried, sour and spicy foods
b. deep ocean seafood (e.g. lobster, crab, shrimp), shellfish, duck/goose, sashimi
c. alcohol
d. mangoes, durian and pineapple

5. Manage personal wellbeing. Try to reduce stress for the baby and don't let the baby cry it out as anger can trigger, inflame and progress eczema.

Eczema is difficult to overcome and it takes continued perseverance and discipline. Even if the skin gets better, there can be several relapse. The process gets easier and you will learn to manage your babies' skin!

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