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Aini Baby is an online store that sells quality products for babies with sensitive skin. My son was diagnosed with severe eczema since he was three months old so I know all about the sleepless nights and the desperation with trying to find a solution. As with other parents with eczema prone babies, I spent thousands of dollars on various creams and tried naturopaths, chinese medicine and various diets. My experience has taught me that the most important steps to help keep symptoms under control and make my baby comfortable

1. Do not scratch. Itchy, tender skin is the worst part of eczema, and small children will find it difficult to resist the urge to scratch. Keep fingernails short and cover hands with scratch mittens.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Keeping skin moisturized is crucial to keeping eczema under control. Apply moisturizing creams two to three times daily, even if your child’s skin looks fine.

3. Wash up. Keeping skin clean and free from irritants is an important step to preventing eczema-related infections.

Aini baby offers clothing, moisturizers and bath products that help babies with eczema. I have started this website with my most favourite products. More products will be added in the near future. Please visit us again! I welcome you to check out my blog or email me at for more information on my products or baby eczema. 

Monica Wu