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This special flip mitten sleeve for babies with eczema is now available in Canada at AiniBaby.ca!

ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeves is the BEST scratch mitten for your baby! It is made from high quality blend of bamboo fabric and its special design does not allow your baby to pull it off.

Made of 96% Organic Bamboo Viscose, Organic Cotton, Silk & 4% Lycra

The special body of bamboo blended fabric that gives just enough stretch for the everyday tug & pull usage. When the mittens are flipped closed, the inner layer of cotton prevents fingers from scratching, while the outer layer of silk glides over the skin reducing skin damage. 

Unlike regular scratch mitts, these Flip Mitten Sleeves will not come undone!

ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeves are made for children that scratch or rub themselves consistently due to skin irritation. It may be surprising to know that no matter how often or how short chlldren's nails are clipped, they can still scratch themselves painfully well. From eczema to chronic scratching, your child's skin has a chance to heal without the interference of little fingers scratching and damaging their skin. Our dual layer mittens have a smooth silk outer layer that prevents skin damage due to excessive scratching and rubbing. ScratchMeNots can be used as eczema mittens or to prevent hair pulling, thumb-sucking and more. They can also be used alongside any necessary medications or creams.

  • Stops scratching anytime: Flip mittens closed to stop the unwanted habit, open them for play! 
      • Allows previously damaged skin to heal
      • Prevents new damage from occurring
      • Easy for parents to put on; Hard for children to take off!
  • Dual Layer Flip Mittens: An outer layer of smooth, pure silk glides over skin reducing friction against the skin while the inner layer of 100% cotton stop the scratching.
  • Protection that can be worn as an outfit: Have the option of wearing an all-in-one bodysuit for protection for toddlers and older children.
  • Control the Intensity of the habit longer: Keep their fingers covered to protect their skin until they are able to better control the intensity and frequency of scratching, thumb-sucking or hair pulling.

 Made of 96% Organic Bamboo Viscose, Organic Cotton, Silk & 4% Lycra


ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeve Size Chart

To ensure the ScratchMeNot fits, calculate the wingspan! Simply measure from the middle of the back to the fingertips
and multiply by 2

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